Why Do Agencies Put Blog Posts & Twitter Feeds On Home Page?

5 Reasons Not To Put Blog Posts & Twitter Feeds On Your Home Page

I don’t get it. It’s a waste of real estate, putting blog posts and twitter feeds on your agency’s home page.

Simply, a new prospect who has come to your web site is interested in one thing: what you can do for them.  But some agencies seem to think prospects would rather see an ongoing conversation on your blog or twitter feed. Wrong.

Agencies may think that doing this is just a “showing-off” tactic or giving a pretense of your social media knowledge, believing that you’ll get a step up on your competition. Wrong.

Here are 5 reasons why you should change this approach.

1. It’s a very critical waste of the most important real estate of your home page, when you should be using this page as a subtle informational sell, addressing the prospects’ needs.

2. Prospects to your site don’t know what you’re “talking” about when reading an ongoing post or twitter feed. It’s like walking into an ongoing conversation at a dinner party.

3. A display of day old posts or feeds can indicate you’re “stale” and cast a negative impression of your agency.

4. Posts and tweets certainly does not enhance the design on your home page.

5. There is no distinct SEO advantage in having the posts and tweets on the page, in fact uses up room for relevant body copy that could SEO benefits.

If you’re guilty of having blog posts and twitter feeds on your home page, then make the change. You’re doing your agency more harm than good.

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