Doughnut Vault: A True Brand Story

Is there a better example of a brand story than that of Chicago’s Doughnut Vault?

Near Chicago’s north side, there’s a hole-in-the-wall doughnut shop, called The Doughnut Vault. People are fanatic about the Vault’s doughnuts. Lines form early in the morning and the store closes whenever they run out of doughnuts – sometimes as early as 9am. By the way, the doughnuts sell for $3 each!

doughnut vault brand story

The Doughnut Vault doesn’t really have set hours; the shop opens sporadically and closes when the doughnuts – only served warm and freshly glazed – are sold out. Customers go to the Vault’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to find out if they’re open and what the special doughnut flavor of the week is.

What makes the Doughnut Vault so popular? Everything that’s the opposite of a “normal” doughnut coffee shop: it’s difficult to find, the hours are sporadic; the shop closes at anytime without warning – when their limited supply of hot fresh doughnuts sells out. And of course, product is very expensive – $36 for a dozen doughnuts.

People line-up early in the frigid mornings only to be turned away hours later as everything’s sold out. And despite the disappointment, they keep coming back. The harder it is to get their hands on one of these gooey favorites, the more they return. For them it’s a gamble.

Admittedly, this a great story; but every company and every product has an unusual story – no matter what kind of a business category you are in. For some, it’s right in front of your eyes. For others, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.

Watch the 2 minute video story on the Doughnut Vault by Mode Project

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