Advertising Agencies: Top 5 Ad Agency Posts Of The Week

Here are this week’s top five advertising agency posts from top advertising agencies:

Going Up? Four Habits of High-Performance Organizations
Ramey Agency/Jackson MS
High performance organizations stand out from their competition, but the real differentiation starts within. Here are four behaviors that separate the best from the rest. Read the post here.

Gambling on the Super Bowl
VI Marketing & Branding/Okla City

Gambling a high percentage of a company’s ad budget on buying expensive Super Bowl ads. Read the post here.

GoDaddy Goes Funny
VI Marketing & Branding/Okla City
Is GoDaddy going away from the provocative ads of past and concentrating on humor instead? Read the post here.

Brand Leadership Means Getting Out of the Customer’s Way
Goldforest Branding/Miami
It doesn’t matter what you think about your brand, it’s what your customers say that counts. How people interact with your product and what it means to them in their daily lives — that’s what determines your brand. Read the post here.

Are Advertisers Flushing $3.5 Million Down The Superbowl?


This year, advertisers bought 30 seconds at a cost of about $3.5 million each. The price took a big jump over last year’s rate. Is it a waste? Read the post here.


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