Advertising Agencies: Top 5 Ad Agency Posts Of The Week – March 22nd

Here are this week’s top five advertising agency posts from top advertising agencies:

3 B2B Methods for Social Media Strategy
Too often social media gets lumped into one category – B2C. We share three methods to incorporate social media into a B2B marketing strategy. Read the post here.

Top 5 Problems With Your Packaging
PKG Branding/Chicago
No other element in your marketing toolbox is as important of packaging and if your packaging isn’t optimized, it could be hurting to your brand. Read the post here.

Digital: The State of B2B

We explore some of the growing trends in B2B marketing as new research shows that digital channels have overtaken traditional mediums. Read the post here.

Does Google Have The Guts To “Bing It On?”

L7 Creative/San Diego
A new contender is attempting to release Google’s firm grasp on the search engine market.  What’s really happening with Microsoft and the “Bing It On” campaign? Read the post here.

What Marketing Vehicle Gets the Credit for Closing the Deal? Answer: Everything Should
Shannon Sullivan, VP at M/C/C, explains what attribution is, how you can track it and why it matters. Read the post here.


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