Advertising Agencies: Top 5 Ad Agency Posts Of The Week – March 15th

Here are this week’s top five advertising agency posts from top advertising agencies:

Communicating with One Voice
The Phelps Group/Los Angeles
Brands are still struggling with disjointed messages across media channels. Here are some ways to deliver a clear message in the consumer conversation. Read the post here.

13 Ways for Brands to use Vine for Social Media Marketing
Parker White/San Diego
Brands can utilize Twitter’s new 6 second video app to communicate their brand message creatively and reach consumers. ParkerWhite offers 13 ideas to get your brand started with Vine. Read the post here.

Is Quiet The New Loud?
PKG Branding/Chicago
Consumers are overwhelmed by competing marketing messages. We track a few brands that have separated from the noise by being quiet. Read the post here.

Why Branding Makes a Difference

M/C/C Dallas
Jim Terry, Senior VP at M/C/C in Dallas, tells you why branding is based on promise, not price, and how investing in it will pay off for your bottom line. Read the post here.

Backward Branding
Goldforest Branding/Miami
Designer Ben Pieratt recently received attention for the brand identity he created, Hessian, without an actual product or market behind it. A little brand theory goes a long way in evaluating his exercise. Read the post here.


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