Advertising Agencies: Top 5 Ad Agency Posts Of The Week – Feb 15

Here are this week’s top five advertising agency posts from top advertising agencies:

Reflections on Web 2.0 and Social Media From the Franchise That Time Forgot
SMM Advertising/Long Island, NY
Without gimmicks or advertising, the Waffle House franchise prospers by providing an honest, genuine experience; a good lesson to learn for social media marketers. Read the post here.

Looking to Thomas Edison For Marketing Agility

Lessons from Innovation expert Sarah Miller Caldicott: team collaboration practices from Thomas Edison’s Lab. Read the post here.

Digital. Is It The Best Word We’ve Got?
Phelps Marketing Communications/Los Angeles
Has the word “digital” worn out its use? With all of the recent changes, it helps to replace “digital” with “network” to get into the mindset of consumers. Read the post here.

The Shift From Branding To Emotional Branding

K2 Communications/Philadelphia
What exactly constitutes a great brand concept today? In this over-saturated marketplace,  it’s the emotional aspect of products and services that will be the key difference between a consumer’s ultimate choice and the price they will pay. Read the post here.

Why Health, Medical & Pharma Can No Longer Afford To Be Antisocial

ParkerWhite/San Diego
Health, medical and pharma companies must meet consumers where they are: online. The risks of not engaging in social media are too great to ignore. Read the post here.


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