5 Ways I’m Recovering From Panda & Penguin Hits

Advertising Agency New Business: Like millions of sites, some of mine were hit by Google’s algorithm changes. Some of my sites that had top positions in Houston and #2 positions for marketing firms in San Francisco and creative shops in Boston were shunted down to the #40 positions. Quite a shock. Miami was off the radar for a short time as was the Long Island marketing directory.

While I never intentionally tried to game the system, Google’s spider obviously saw (in robots terms rather than human eyes) that I was guilty of duplication, excessive linking and overuse of keyword anchor text terms.

Here are the five corrections I made immediately:

1. Bolstered my American Advertising Agencies site as the focal point for all sites, eventually integrating the micro sites like Philadelphia Advertising Agency directory and the LA ad directory and the Maryland site.

2. Added this blog for content to enhance my thought-leadership role in agency new revenue development.

3. Added internal city pages in a snippet format, such as the  Chicago marketing directory.

4. Deleted all duplicate content and replaced with different title and description tags for each city site.

5. Varied my anchor text distribution and keyword usage.

Results? So far the sites that had fallen off the radar, or had been shunted down a few pages are showing a strong recovery. The Dallas marketing site is recovering and the Orange County creative site is also moving up

Stay tuned as I’ll be adding more “fixes” to recovery.


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