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While It Started As A Crazy Idea ...
In 2001, It Started An Ad Agency New Business Revolution.







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Kansas City

Long Island

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It Started An Ad Agency New Business Revolution

Twelve years and many search engines ago (remember Lycos and AltaVista?) companies started to use a brave new medium - the Internet - to do their initial discreet search for advertising agencies. No longer would these searches be publicly played out in the trades.

Corporations Searching For Advertising Agencies In A Discreet Manner

Now, companies could go about their search in a quiet discreet manner. The only problem was, in the early days, companies couldn't find any advertising agencies listed on the search engines. If ad agencies were ranked at the top of the search engines for prime keyword phrases that companies use, then the advertising agencies would have a better opportunity at being discovered by these companies.

The Original Advertising AgenciesFinder

The advertising agencies on the directory prospered immediately with new business leads. Sites were added for Dallas, advertising agencies in Boston, advertising agencies in San Francisco, advertising agencies in Atlanta, creative marketing firms in Chicago, Baltimore ad agencies, Denver ad agencies, Los Angeles advertising agencies, advertising and digital shops in Miami, advertising agencies in San Diego, ad agencies in Kansas City and ad agencies on Long Island were later added.

Great For Businesses, Great For Ad Agencies

Dual purposed, each city ad agency site offered businesses around the country a select number of qualified advertising and marketing firms to contact and in turn, the agencies received a large amount of new business prospects.

Leveling The Advertising Agency Playing Field

As an ex-agency owner of 15 years, Joel Cohen realized that the Internet could level the playing field for advertising agencies and help medium sized independent shops compete with the mega shops. And with that focus, Joel has helped, over the past 10 years, provide medium size, independently owned advertising agencies with countless millions and millions of dollars in new business alone - more than any other agency consultant - not only from his concept - but from his unique new business perspective, new business workshops and one-on-one coaching.

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